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My name is Chris Reykdal and I hope to earn your support as I seek re-election to the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI). It has been an honor to be your voice and leader overseeing our state’s K-12 public education system and advocating for the needs of our young people.


Following more than six years of closing student opportunity and achievement gaps, more equitable funding across our school districts, and an unprecedented health and safety response to COVID-19, public education both in our state and nationally is now being targeted by extremists who attack the diversity of our children, attack our highly trained and professional educators, and they cravenly promote lies to destabilize the confidence in public education in their attempt to drive taxpayer dollars to prop up their religious and for-profit schools.


I will not yield to those who attack our public schools for their personal gain. We have achieved so much, and our momentum is building. Student enrollments are rising, test scores are rising, graduation rates are near a record high, and we have given graduation pathways back to our students for them to pursue their passion in the trades, college, military service, or straight to work. Through hard work and coalition building, Washington State is becoming a national leader in bold innovations to ensure our K-12 system is prepared to meet the needs of our students and our global economy. 


Here are just a few of things we have achieved since I was elected:


  • Developed a new school accountability system;

  • Ensured that local timber revenue stays with local school districts;

  • Increased K-12 investments by over $5 billion per year or $4,500+ per student;

  • Increased salaries to attract and retain highly effective educators;

  • Expanded healthcare to tens of thousands of school employees;

  • Delinked high-stakes testing from graduation;

  • Added career and technical education pathways to graduation;

  • Returned civics classes to our schools;

  • Increased funding to serve our students with disabilities to a record high;

  • Increased graduation rates to a record high; 

  • Grew our school construction funds for small and rural districts to its highest level ever; 

  • Expanded dual language learning to nearly 50 school districts, over 150 schools, and over 30,000 students;

  • Provided learning devices to more than 300,000 students in need;

  • Expanded free breakfast and lunch meals to an additional 381,500 students since 2020; and

  • Launched a first-in-the nation teacher residence and apprenticeship program to build a robust pipeline of highly effective educators.

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